Yesterday the 5th Annual International Conference titled “Youth-led solutions to unemployment: The voices of young, marginalised carers" took place at Middle Temple (London). IARS would like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped make the event a reality and such a success -  Care 2 Work project partners, speakers, delegates and the staff team! 

Not only was the success of the event a fitting way to close the Care 2 Work project, but it also served as an exemplary reflection of all those who showed up to listen, engage and share the hard work done throughout the wider sector. 

If there was anything on the day you would like to find out more about do not hesitate to drop an email to and well make sure to answer or direct you in the right direction. 

Have a look at our Facebook page for a selection of photos from the day. All presentations are available as downloadable attachments below: