Today, the International Conference “Alternative ways to employability in the digital era” was held at Aegean College venue in Piraeus. This international event was held within the context of the Erasmus “DROP-In – Early School Leavers” project.

Drop-in aims to establish alternative pathways for youth early school leavers and drop outs, towards social inclusion and ultimately, the labour market. For this reason, the e-learning and networking platform developed by the consortium partners is now for free available to provide to young dropouts the opportunity to enhance their basic and transversal skills, in order to increase their potential in the labour market.

The International Raising Awareness Conference hosted key note speakers from several organisations that work with dropouts and professionals from recruiting companies that helped us to identify the most significant skills needed in the modern labour market.

The welcoming speech was given by the president of KMOP, Dr. Antonia Torrents said “Finding motivation to succeed is the most important factor for those who have dropped out from mainstream education. Our international partnership through this project aims to greatly contribute to build this motivation for our young people”.

The IARS and the Drop-in Erasmus partnership is proud to launch today a free, EU funded online course tailored and designed by young people who are not given equal educational chances. Dropping out of school is not young peoples’ fault. It is our failure as a modern European society to respond to their realities, and the Drop-in partnership was set up to respond to this need”, Dr. Theo Gavrielides IARS Founder and Director and Drop in Coordinator said.

After the speeches several workshops were organised where participants in the conference had the opportunity to implement relevant activities, exchange knowledge and interact with the facilitators. The conference succeeded to raise awareness about the dropouts and the need to provide to them alternative pathways to learn and improve their skills through alternative channels.

The DROP-In project is funded by Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission and will run for 24 months (September 2017 – August 2019). It is implemented by a scheme of 5 highly experienced partner organisations in 5 countries (UK, Romania, Greece, Cyprus, Italy), led by the IARS International Institute.


Notes to Editors