United Youth for Educational Development (UYED) is currently looking for participants from UK for a Youth Exchange that will take place between 28 October - 9 November in Romania.  

UYED is a new non-formal group wishing to be actively involved in the development of non-formal education among young people in the UK by involving them in mobility and projects across the European space. They want to develop civic relationships with local and international partners and take action to promote the good image of the UK in Europe.

About the Project

The Youth Exchange is part of the “EU+Tolerant” project, which seeks to decrease any type of discriminatory phenomenon through facilitating participants’ access to social life and interaction. The project is funded by Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

The project aims to fulfill following objectives:

1. Development of emphatic and open attitudes among participants and their involvement in recruitment of 5 discriminated persons for the partner organizations till 31st of January 2019.

2. Improvement of the level of awareness of the negative effects that unsolved tolerance issues can have through the creation of a local pro-tolerance initiative group in each of the partner countries till the end of project

3. Motivation of participants to get involved in 2 social anti-discriminatory local projects within half a year after finishing the activities. Throughout activities we will use different and interesting non-formal education methods such as: interactive presentation, teambuilding, brainstorming, team work, team discussion (public café, open space), flash-mob, debate, drama and theater, various games, intercultural learning, photo quest, creative workshops.

When and Who?

“EU+Tolerant” project will be carried out in the period 1.07.2018-31.01.2019, with 11 days of activities that will take place during 28.10-2018-09.11.2018, including 2 travel days. The project will gather 54 participants from United Kingdom, Romania, Slovakia, Italy, Portugal and Poland. From each country 8 participants aged 18 to 30 years old will be selected.

For more information please see the Info Pack below.

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