The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) has become the latest organisation to sign up to the ‘99 per cent pledge’, promising to celebrate the positive contribution made by young people in the capital.

The pledge, part of the 99 per cent campaign, is open to organisations and groups from public agencies through to schools, charities or businesses that wish to celebrate young Londoners.

The MPS has joined organisations ranging from the Youth Justice Board of England and Wales to the Hackney Play Association in signing up to the pledge.

By signing, they have committed to listening to young people’s concerns and ideas; to supporting their efforts to participate in their community; and to challenging negative stereotypes of young Londoners. 

Commander Steve Rodhouse, from the Metropolitan Police Service, said: 

"Although tackling serious violence involving young people is a real priority for the MPS, we should not forget that the overwhelming majority of young people are living safe and productive lives in London. The MPS fully supports the 99 per cent campaign and will continue to highlight the positive contribution that young people make to our capital city." 

Ray Ansah one of the 99 per cent campaign ambassadors and member of IARS' Youth Advisory Board said:

“It’s very easy for young people to feel that they aren’t trusted by organisations like the Met, so by signing up to the pledge the police are sending a positive signal to young people across the capital.”

Will Tuckley, Chair of the 99 per cent campaign’s parent body, the London Serious Youth Violence Board said:

“We are delighted that the Metropolitan Police Service has signed up to the 99 per cent pledge. Their commitment to the principles underpinning the 99 per cent campaign is a sign of their desire to help celebrate the contribution young Londoners make to life in the capital.”

Please join MPS in their pledge to celebrate the positive contributions that young people are making to society by clicking here .