The past 10th of October Runnymede and the Women's Budget Group published new research unveiling how austerity measures are disproportionately affecting black and Asian women.

The Intersecting Inequalities Report nuancedly evidences the ways in which the intersections of gender, race and class really matters when it comes to the negative effects of austerity cuts and reforms. With shocking forecast, the research shows how BME women are the hardest hit by austerity!

According to the research, by 2020 black and Asian women in the poorest third of households will lose £2,000 a year on average or 14% of their income. Black and Asian women lone mothers will lose £4,000 / £4,200 a year, or 15% / 17% of their income.

These numbers are even more shocking when compared to the fact that the research found that on the other side the richest third of white men will lose only £410 a year!

This is why from IARS perspective now more than ever it is so important to acknowledge the intersecting realities of disadvantage and discrimination and continue working together with migrant and refugee women, BME young people, and LGBT+ refugees towards finding innovative solutions to address structural inequalities. And we continue committed to doing so across the various strands of our work and projects!