International Victims' Pledge

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Acknowledging and respecting the rights of victims' of crime, the IARS International Institute has set up the International Victims' Pledge [(c) IARS] for organizations and individuals who provide services to victims (including statutory, private and voluntary). The pledge aims to ensure that minimum standards for victims as outlined in the Victims’ Directive 2012/29/EU are applied consistently across all victims’ services in the UK and internationally.

By signing up to the pledge you agree that victims of crime and their families are:

  • treated with dignity and respect
  • provided with appropriate safeguards at all stages of the criminal and restorative justice processes.
  • supported and empowered  to know their rights.



View here all the organisations that signed up to the pledge


By signing up to this pledge you can display the pledge logo on your website and publications. Please feel free to host the link on your website.


Following fierce campaigning by victims’ groups across the UK and Europe, the European Union has entered into a process of legislative and policy reforms with the aim of repositioning the victim in criminal proceedings. By last November, all EU member states had to demonstrate that they had modified their domestic laws to give effect to Victims’ Directive 2012/29/EU  establishing minimum standards on the rights, support and protection of victims of crime. The new law aimed to ensure that the rights of victims are enshrined in law and for first time established minimum standards for victims that must be also applied in the provision of appropriate victims services. The IARS International Institute provides a free online course for victims of crime entitled “Asserting your rights" that is freely available here.

The needs of the victims as outlined in the Victims’ Directive:

•          Respectful treatment and recognition as victims both within the justice system and more widely by society;

•          Protection both from intimidation, retaliation and further harm by the accused or suspected and from harm during criminal investigation and court proceedings.

•          Support including immediate assistance following a crime including  longer term physical, psychological and practical assistance

•          Access to justice to ensure that victims are fully aware of their rights

•          Compensation and restoration whether thought financial damages [paid by the State or through mediation or other form of restorative justice that allow victims to face the accused with a view to reaching a voluntary agreement between them on how to repair the harm to the victim.


The pledge aims to ensure that minimum standards for victims as outlined in the Victims’ Directive 2012/29/EU are applied consistently across all victims' services in the UK and internationally.