IARS young people responded to the Government's recently published paper on policing reform. The consultation document, entitled 'Policing in the 21st Century: Reconnecting Police and the People' describes the new government's proposals for making changes to policing. These reforms focus on the shifting of power away from central government  to people and communities as well as an explicit commitment to empowering the public and the police.

IARS have drawn on the views and experiences of our young people and our past youth-led research to enable the Home Office to hear the voices of young people when taking decisions on the future of policing. In particular, our response highlights the views of some of the most marginalised and disadvantaged young people; those who are likely to have the most contact with the police and other criminal justice agencies as well as the weakest voice for influencing policy and practice.

Amongst recommendations made by IARS in this consultation document  is the implementation of youth-led and human rights elements in engagement activities between young people and the police. IARS believes that through the adoption of a youth-led and human rights approach,  the mistrust and disengagement of certain groups of young people with the police can be mitigated. Further key issues raised in this consultation response include an emphasis on face-to-face contact between young people and the police and the value of working with the voluntary and community sector  for reconnecting the police with young people and the public.

A full copy of this consultation response can be accessed from IARS online library or by clicking here

If you would like to ask questions about our response or have any feedback please contact Dr. Theo Gavrielides, IARS Director