The Youth Advisory Board (YAB) to the London Serious Youth Violence Board (LSYVB) is preparing to take part in a high profile roundtable event with members of the national and local press. The YAB, coordinated by IARS, will be leading this discussion with media professionals including the Editor of the Metro, a senior Sun crime reporter and the Editor of the Evening Standard. The discussion will be exploring the negative representation of young people in the media and how young people and the media can work together to change this.

The impetus for the roundtable event emerged following the LSYVB Summit in December 2009 where a group of young people gave a powerful presentation articulating how they and their peers are being demonised by society. The LSYVB subsequently commissioned a London wide survey to test the views and perceptions of Londoners about young people. The survey highlighted that 75% of Londoners believed the media portrays teenagers negatively, and less than a fifth thought their portrayal was balanced.

The aim of the forthcoming media roundtable discussion is to provide a platform for constructive conversation between media representatives and young people.  It will provide a valuable learning opportunity for media representatives and important learning for statutory agencies regarding the way in which they disseminate messages to the public which relate to young people. We will be reporting on the outcomes of the media rountable in our next newsletter. If you would like to see the agenda or want to know more please contact Rachel Cass