The IARS International Institute is pleased to announce the launch of its free e-learning Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accredited course entitled “Empowering professionals to work with Refugee and Asylum Seeking women, understanding their experiences of fleeing violence and respecting their rights under the EU Victims Directive”.

This Comic Relief funded training uniquely combines the first hand thoughts and experiences of refugee and asylum seeking women in the UK with information about legal and policy chances that relates to the obligations of organisations working with victims of crime.

This training is specifically designed for anyone that may come into contact with a refugee or asylum seeker in a professional capacity, and staff of organisations working on victim’s rights. Including professionals in health services; those working in social housing; religious organisations; law enforcement and criminal justice professionals; staff from schools and educational establishments who may liaise with parents; Council officers and local councillors; and voluntary and community sector organisations.

Working through the programme’s 5 short, interactive and easy to complete modules, the professional and organisations will:

• Improve the support organisations offer to refugee and asylum seeking women who are at risk of victimisation

• Help organisations understand changes in EU law in regards to supporting victims means for your organisation, specifically looking at the EU Victims Directive that came into force in the UK in November 2015

• Support organisations understand why the UK government’s response through updating the Victim’s Code doesn’t provide adequate support and protection for those at risk of victimisation

The course contains 5 modules:

1)         An overview of the asylum process in the UK, including understanding the legal framework of that allows people to seek asylum in the UK; the asylum process in the UK; what support asylum seekers can expect and; what happens if refugee status is granted.

2)         Understanding victim’s rights under the EU Victims Directive and the UK Victims Code

3)         A review section recapping the technical information from the above sections

4)         Hearing from refugee and asylum seeking women about their experiences as being at risk of crime and what support would have helped them be empowered earlier

5)         Information about what organisations can do to support empower refugee and asylum seeking women in relation to victim’s rights

To enroll yourself in this e-learning course please click here