Faris Wong

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Interning at IARS was one of the best opportunities that I had during my time in London in 2018. I really feel that this little organisation allowed me to not only work in fields that I am passionate about but also work with a great team that is friendly and joyful. I want to personally thank you for allowing me to help you with the projects that you were working on. I feel that not many interns, especially those without a degree such as myself, would be given the chance to work on something so big and important and would usually just be given menial tasks to do (not that there is anything wrong with that, I quite enjoy helping people). I don't really know if the work I did was of much help to you but just being part of it really made work meaningful for me. I am quite happy to say that I never once felt bored in the office. I have learnt a lot just being in this organization and I always feel welcomed which makes this whole experience even more enjoyable. Thanks for giving me all the support as my supervisor and ensuring that my experience here was made as meaningful and comfortable as possible. I will definitely miss you and the team.