IARS is excited to have Professor Theo Gavrielides presenting on The Terrorist Within and Restorative Justice at the IIPR Europe Conference, Conflict in Europe: Meeting the Challenge, in Dublin, Ireland, 9-10 May 2017

The conference, organised by the International Institute for Restorative Practices Europe will cover several key issues that European countries are currently facing: de-radicalisation and preventing radicalisation; migration and immigration; and historic sexual abuse, child sexual exploitation, human trafficking and the sex trade. We are looking forward to hearing from the other great presenters and connecting with people in the field.

The conference ties in with our wider Youth Empowerment and Innovation Project (YEIP). Supported by Erasmus+ this IARS project aims to design a positive policy prevention framework for tackling and preventing marginalisation and violent radicalisation among young people in Europe. More info.

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Download background papers for the Professor Gavrielides' session:

"The Terrorist Within and Restorative Justice" here and

"Black Restorative Justice Week here


Exclusive offer for our members

In partnership with IIRP, we are pleased to offer exclusively to our members discounted tickets for 2-day attendance for 200 euros (full price is 450 euros). To claim your discount please contact us at contact@iars.org.uk .


List of Keynote Speakers

Jo Berry - Founder of Building Bridges for Peace

Making Peace with the Enemy

Tim Chapman - Chairman of the Board for the European Forum for Restorative Justice

False Assumptions?: Rethinking Restorative Practices in the Wake of 2016

Austin Stack - Independent Victims & Survivors Coalition founding member

Beyond the Bitterness: Engaging With The Enemy to Find Answers and Inner Peace

Yousiff Meah - Chief Executive of The RecoRa Institute

From Bystander to Activist: An Exploration of How RecoRa’s Principles of Self-Help and Activism to Tackle Extremism and Injustice Equate to Restorative Practice

Theo Gavrielides PhD - Founder of the IARS International Institute & the Restorative Justice for All Institute

The Terrorist Within and Restorative Justice

Hedda van Lieshout - Managing director of Eigen Kracht Centrale

Family Group Conferences: Widening The Circle As A Response To Serious Issues

Terry O'Connell - Restorative pioneer, developer of Real Justice conferencing model & 30-year police veteran

Now That We Are Being Noticed: Where To From Here? – Importance Of Explicit Restorative Practice

Stijn Deprez - Training & development coordinator at Ligand (Belgium)

Reorientating Organisations: New Management Ideas Supported by Restorative Practices