The Employment Related Services Association is setting up the first ever UK Employability Day to celebrate the positive work and achievements of employment support services across the UK and their great work to transform jobseekers’ lives.  

However, despite the intense efforts of a very diverse employment support services sector that includes public, private and third sector initiatives the reality of young adults who seek employment continues to remain challenging and far from ideal.  Approximately 17% of young people are currently out of work, in comparison the nationwide average of 6.4%. This reality is even harsher for young people and young adults from migrant and refugee groups.

As immigration deepens as a phenomenon in our society, evidence shows that that newly arrived migrants struggle to find a decent job, while they are faced with a number of integration issues including gender inequality and cultural bias.

In response to this issue, over the past year the IARS International Institute developed  “MOVE ON” an innovative training, educational and awareness raising programme of European remit that will allow better integration of marginalised migrant groups putting an emphasis on gender based issues that are manifested at the recruitment stage but also at the workplace and remuneration.

The programme will further aim to improve employment support services that are being provided to them making them able to resolve daily issues by building the capacity of employment professionals with ultimate objective to increase the employability of migrant and refugee groups. Prior to the development of the training programme the Institute and its partners will conduct research with employment service providers, recruitment services, policy makers and migrant groups to identify and address effectively these challenges.


Move On is co-funded by the EC under  the Erasmus+ Programme

More information about the Move On Project can be found on the project's website

The Move On project is delivered in seven European organisations, by the IARS International Institute (UK), Anziani E Non Solo (Italy), beramí berufliche Integration e.V. (Germany), KMOP - Family and Child Care Centre (Greece), Associazione Progetto Arcobaleno Onlus (Italy), Association for Legal Intervention – SIP (Poland) and SURT (Spain).