Call for Abstracts – IARS International Roundtable Event “Integrating migrants into the labour market: challenges and opportunities for career counselling (Bursaries available for non UK participants)

The IARS International Institute announced a call for workshops to be delivered at an International Roundtable event titled “Integrating migrants into the labour market: challenges and opportunities for career counselling” that will be held on the 27th of September 2017 in central London. 

The event’s unique roundtable format will be an opportunity to discuss current challenges in the EU context for migrants’ integration into the labour market, with particular focus in the UK. It will bring together experts, researchers, policy-makers, practitioners and other professionals from the area of migration policy, labour market integration and specialist career advice services for migrants to discuss conceptual and practical ways to move forwards.

We invite you to submit workshop proposals on topics relevant to the call, including:

·         Challenges faced by migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in accessing the labour market

·         Intersectional/gendered approaches to labour market and migration

·         Innovative models and best practices promoting the effective integration of migrants into the labour and education.

·         Current challenges in policy and/or service provision in the UK and Europe.


More detailed information on the event, as well as a preliminary agenda and bursary application, can be found here.