A Social hidden exhibition highlighting her hidden stories.

Black Sheroes is their fourth social exhibition that will give community to sheroes, It’s Lon art’s most recent and biggest project to date-now with a focus on heroines with the black community Black Sheroes Month is a collaborative project bringing together UK and international artists, feminist organisations, charities and the general public.

Reflecting upon the comparative lack of black female role models in society, Sheroes will build a platform for the public and artists to share black hidden her stories through visual art, workshops and talks, it’s a collaborative project that uses creative expression to give a voice to and turn our eyes towards silenced and overlooked heroines, throughout her story, and she offers inspiring female role models for us all.

Presented by Lon-art in partnership with Ugly Duck, Black Sheroes Month will take place from 5 - 7 October 2018, as part of Ugly Duck’s Art & (Haktivism) creative season, which, working closely with organisations and artists of multiple disciplines, explores the power of art and creativity as an advocate for social change.

Black Sheroes Month will bring together UK and international artists, feminist organizations, galleries, charities and the general public. Partners and collaborators include The Colour of Madness, Autograph, Black Blossoms, FORWARD’s Artists Unite to End FGM Project, Place A, London Black Women’s Project, Housmans Radical Booksellers, Tower Hamlets, or Afroféminas. The exhibition will comprise independent artists and collectives, working across performance and visual arts in a range of media - such as Camille Barton, Clareese Hill, Chardine Taylor-Stone, Bianca Batlle Nguema, Rachelle Romero, Dylema or Chloe Filani. Among the collectives participating, Black Blossoms will exhibit a selection of artworks challenging and deconstructing stereotypes in order to re-establish an authentic and inclusive narrative of Black Womanhood.

Although struggles were faced by women in the art world have recently gained visibility in light of mainstream movements and  the work of the Guerrilla Girls, opportunities to see art made by, and for women and in which they are depicted positively are still rare. This is especially apparent in regards to women from ethnic minorities who are vastly underrepresented and ‘othered’ historically, and in the contemporary art scene. Black Sheroes Month will be a unique opportunity to reflect upon this, embrace and celebrate the contributions of our black sheroes from the past and present day.

Through our Black Sheroes art workshop at Rich Mix, in Tower Hamlets, we would like to not only celebrate, but also remember and recognise the struggles of Black British people through education that will enlighten participants with historical facts, while they learn about inspirational black British women that contributed to make the history of this country great.

Also, it is an opportunity for us to expand the project in one of the boroughs that better promotes art among their communities. 


Written by student Chante Frazer