In light of last week’s mental health awareness campaign, it is essential to highlight the importance of taking care of one’s ‘mind’ and ‘body.’ The reciprocal relationship between physical and mental health is evident throughout the research. According to Mental Health Foundation (2018), poor physical health can lead to an increased risk of developing mental health problems. In the same way, poor mental health can negatively impact on physical health. Any form of physical exercise is a great way to keep physically healthy, as well as, improve mental wellbeing.

#HealthyHabits is a 12-month project, which focuses on developing healthy habits and attitudes for sustainable self-development of young people. The project aims to unite a total of 96 participants from six European countries: UK, Romania, Greece, Lithuania, Poland and Croatia in three youth exchanges in 2018, all taking place in London, United Kingdom and Seven Sisters, South England. The theme is “how to live healthy, active and fresh”, and it is comprised of three main topics: healthy food, active outdoor physical activity and self-leadership. Each exchange will focus on one of these topics, reshaping approaches and behaviors of young people in order to improve their inner ecosystem.

Learning Outcomes

  • Awareness on the concept of healthy lifestyle from a holistic approach;
  • What healthy represents for different people;
  • The role of balance, energy and flow on personal level and work productivity;
  • Impact of healthy routines on performance in entrepreneurship and employment;
  • Stress management by understanding emotions and positive, kind thinking;
  • Creating objectives and step-by-step plan for routine improvements;
  • Self-leadership for creating life-change;
  • Communication and intercultural understanding.

Who Should Attend
Young person 18-30 years old, citizen of one of the six partner countries, willing to experiment a week of healthy living and planning to implement changes in order to live better and healthier, through sports, with better nutrition and adapting positive thinking. We will select four young people from each country + one group leader of any age.

Eurodesk UK promotes various opportunities for young people beyond the UK. The partnership aims to inform young people and youth organisations about mobility opportunities in Europe. In addition to #Healthyhabits, you can find a number similar and exciting ideas for volunteering, learning, working and travelling at Eurodesk UK

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