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Since its inception, IARS' charitable business, projects and strategic direction have been steered by user groups one of which is the Youth Advisory Board (YAB). This continues to be a key governance and project feature of IARS that meets on a regular basis to scrutinize, quality control and monitor our work, and advise on our strategy. YAB is a team of young volunteers aged 15 – 25 from different backgrounds and circumstances who are aware of the problems facing young people in today’s society and who are interested in an opportunity to do something positive about these issues.

YAB members also have the opportunity to be more directly involved in IARS projects, by attending workshops, assisting with how the projects are managed, writing in the IARS newsletter, updating the website and setting up youth events. All YAB members are awarded with a certificate for their active participation at the end of the project and they are provided with bespoke and tailored training that will allow them to genuinely get involved in projects and our governance.

The YAB has proved to be an excellent opportunity for young people to get their voices heard and to address issues that are important for them. At the end of the project members of the YAB get the chance to stay on and assist us with IARS other youth-led projects.

To become a YAB member, young people apply with their CV and a covering email, they are shortlisted and interviewed and then invited to join the YAB.  During the life of the project new YAB members are selected in the same way but involving the existing YAB group. If you would like to know more about the Youth Advisory Board and the terms of reference click here.


Current YAB members

Angela Udeh

ANGELA UDEH - Secretary



ELISE ULVANG - 99% Campaign Lead

JORDAN CREED - Events & Training Lead

NAOMI LUNGUMA - Schools Lead


TAIWO AFOLABI - Enterprise Lead