Restorative Justice Research Network (RJRN)

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The RJRN sits within the IARS International Institute and is one of the largest international, non-profit, research community in the world. It was set up by Dr. Gavrielides to:

  • disseminate cutting edge research on restorative justice
  • connect researchers, post-graduate and graduate students, policy-makers and practitioners in restorative justice worldwide
  • create networking and collaboration opportunities within the international restorative justice movement
  • identify best practices internationally, evaluate, promote and publish them
  • push the barriers of restorative justice and create new knowledge.

RJRN Membership

RJRN has a large membership of over 8,000 individuals and organisations from around the world and is free to all IARS Members. You can join IARS for £35 per year. This includes membership to the RJRN as well as a benefits package details of which can be found here.

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RJRN Current Projects & Services 

The RJRN is currently running a number of international programmes and services that are available to all its members. To find out how to get involved and to ask for more information contact Dr. Theo Gavrielides. These programmes are:

What is Restorative Justice?

"Restorative Justice is an ethos with practical goals, among which is to restore harm by including affected parties in a (direct or indirect) encounter and a process of understanding through voluntary and honest dialogue. Restorative justice adopts a fresh approach to conflicts and their control, retaining at the same time certain rehabilitative goals" (Gavrielides 2007: 139)


As a charity, we rely on people's kind contributions to continue our cause. If you are receiving services for IARS or simply believe in our mission, vision and values then please consider donating. You can do this now by clicking here