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Equipping Professionals to Support LGBT Refugees: A Young Person's Review

As a user led institute, IARS values the feedback we receive from young people. Our youth volunteer Steisi Hajdari, a 16 years old student studying her A-Levels at Uxbridge High School, has reviewed the Epsilon Project, an online training platform which aims to equip professionals to better support the needs of LGBT migrants and refugees. She felt that as someone of youth, this course portrays empowerment, equality and injustice that was not introduced to her before taking the training.


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Flexible, Office Desk Space for Hire in Canada Water

2 desk spaces available for hire in a clean and quiet working environment next to Canada Water library:


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DROP IN for the International Raising Awareness Conference in Athens

My uncle dropped out of school two years before he was due to graduate. Earlier, while in primary school, shortly after he had been diagnosed with a learning disability, his mother—my grandmother—passed away from cancer. At a young age, he was faced with challenges both and home and at school which deterred his progress through the education system.

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The Civil Society Strategy: Engaging Young People

As a young person volunteering at the IARS International Institute, it is encouraging to see the how the Civil Society Strategy has emphasised the crucial role of young people in shaping the future of our society.

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Today is Jordyn’s last day as the Justice Projects Intern at IARS. Here is what she had to say about her time at IARS:

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PROCHILD - PROtection and Support of Abused CHILDren through Multidisciplinary Intervention

The IARS International Institute is pleased to announce a new 2-year project on violence against children co-funded by the European Commission under the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme 2014-2020.

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IARS’ Response to the new Victims' Strategy

To Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice:

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Reflections on the Drop In Training Event in Bucharest

For the week of November 12-16 2018, the third partner meeting for the Drop-In Project was held in Bucharest, Romania. The training project was attended by members of all five project partners including KMOP (Greece), InEuropa (Italy), CARDET (Cyprus), The Schottener Foundation (Romania) and IARS (UK). Project partners came together to discuss the situations and challenges faced by early school leavers (ESLs) and current practices being implemented to combat ESL marginalisation in each of the respective countries.

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Restore: Respect Final Report Is Out!

IARS is pleased to announce the final report of the Restore: Respect project. Over the course of last 12 months, IARS in partnership with Restorative Solutions have been delivering the Restore: Respect project funded by the Home Office. The project focused on education and awareness surrounding restorative justice and hate crimes through training and restorative discussions with participants.

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Join us in the Protasis Closing Conference in Athens!

The IARS International Institute is delighted to welcome you to our Protasis project’s Final Conference entitled “Victims’ Rights in the Criminal Justice System: Current Trends and Policies“. The conference will take place in Athens, Greece on the 22-23 November 2018.

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