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Work Experience

My week at IARS International Institute started with an introduction into the work the IARS and the 6thannual conference being held the following week. As someone who takes a particular interest into human rights issues and how to deal with them. I found the program incredibly engaging and was compelled to learn more about the work that they did.

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Abused No More

On the 13th of July 2018, it will be the 6th annual IARS International Conference. It will be held at Middle Temple, London; hosted by both the founder and patron of the IARS – Dr Theo Gavrielides & Simon Israel.  On this day there will be discussions on how to help young migrant women and girls who have been the victim of abuse.

Not only are they of a minority ethnic group which has already put them at a disadvantage but to also arrive in a new country where language might be of a barrier to them.

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Comic Relief: Gender, Justice and Empowerment Project

This programme has as objective to help and protect vulnerable refugee and asylum-seeking women. This specific group has to face multiple adversities and disadvantages as result of race and gender inequalities; they are more likely to be victims of hate crimes and violence against women. Simultaneously, they are less likely to know about their rights and national institutions that may provide them help. Many of these women have no enough financial resources to keep up on living.

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Mental Health Awareness Week

This week is mental health awareness week and there are some amazing initiatives that we should all be checking out. Remember that we are all affected by mental health in some way or another, and we should educate ourselves. Here at IARS we think about what affects society all the time, and there are countless examples of how our users are affected by mental health issues, be it themselves, a family member, or a friend. Below are just a few interesting things you could be reading on your train home this week:

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Youth Activism

‘Lazy’, ‘entitled’ and ‘self-obsessed’ are words which have often been used to characterise the millennial generation. Their supposed apathy towards political and social issues have deemed them irresponsible and therefore unworthy of a seat at the table, barring them from the discussions of the world’s problems they would later inherit.  

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What happened: Young Carers Matter Conference

Written by current IARS student Sara Senegri

The Young Carers Matter Project conference – 23rd April 2018.

The Young Carers Matter Project conference was an insightful talk exploring the normalization of young carers, the support available to them and the barriers they face to education and employment.

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Teaser: Young Carers Report

On Monday 23rd April we will launch and discuss the findings of our year long project "Young Carers Matter", at our FREE CPD Accredited conference. 

In anticipation of that, this post acts as a teaser to some of the interesting discussions we expect to have on the day, where we will present our report detailing our experiences. 

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Young Carers Matter Conference: 23 April

The IARS International Institute is pleased to announce it's Spring, CPD accredited conference titled "Young Carers Matter: The Voices of young people".

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Entrepreneur Heroes

Millennials, and those born since, are faced with challenge upon challenge upon challenge to fix things that were broken long before their time. 

Every time I look at the news all I see is man-made destruction of our planet. I'm no eco warrior but it's pretty difficult to deny that we may have done some serious, and permanent damage, to our world. With pollution levels rising, changing weather, food shortages and more rubbish than can be contained, it's overwhelming. It's easy to think: what could I possibly do?

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EYEE (Ethics and Young Entrepreneurs in Europe)

Late last year we kicked off another exciting youth project - EYEE (Ethics and Young Entrepreneurs in Europe) - and now things are about to get really interesting!

As part of the project, we will be introducing a new arm to our Youth Advisory Board. Each of the nine partners involved across Europe will identify young people who feed directly into our monitoring and evaluation of the project. These young people will submit written feedback and meet online over the course of the project to ensure that we keep our youth-led approach. 

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