Youth Policy Response Group

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History of the Youth Policy Response Group

IARS’ London Youth-led Sector Policy Forum (LYPF) was established at the end of 2009 following a piece of research carried out by IARS into the impact of the recession on the youth-led sector. One of the recommendations of this report was that young people and youth-led groups need a platform to influence policy. The Forum was set up as a response and throughout 2010 the main aim of the Forum was to promote the youth-led sector to policy makers. Forum members contributed to a number of consultation responses and policy documents.

We believe that this concerted effort has put youth-led groups on the map. However, in 2011, we understand that all Forum members are under increased pressure to deliver more work for less, which has an impact on their time commitments. As a result we propose a new format for the Forum in 2011.


The Youth Policy Response Group Today

The London Youth-led Sector Policy Forum has therefore become the Youth Policy Response Group; a nimble and focused policy response group chaired by the IARS Director.

The main aim of the new-look group is to respond to law and policy reform as it happens throughout the year. This group requires a different kind of co-ordination to the Forum. Smaller, focused meetings are held on an ad hoc basis with the purpose of debating and developing responses to changes in law and policy. Group members can express interest in attending only those meetings that fall within their area of interest and or expertise.


Minutes of the Forum meetings and the Olympics bulletin can be found below. Please click to download.