Free Online Course for Victims of Crime: Victims' Rights in Restorative and Criminal Justice

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The IARS International Institute is proud to release this FREE online course that aims to empower victims by increasing their knowledge of their rights in criminal and restorative justice process as outlined in the EU Victims' Directive 2012/29/EU establishing minimum standards on the rights, support and protection of victims of crime. The goal of the Victims' Directive "is to improve the real, day-to-day situation of millions of victims of crime across Europe to the greatest extent possible". The online course can be undertaken by victims of any crime, based in the UK, Europe and internationally. The course was developed through evidence from previous programmes that the IARS International Institute has run for the European Commission (“Restorative Justice in Europe: Safeguarding Victims And Empowering Professionals) in partnership with 4 European partners  and in consultation with key stakeholders, practitioners, victims and offenders in order to reflect their needs and expectations from the criminal justice system.

  • Course Objectives
    • To increase awareness and knowledge amongst victims of crime about their rights within criminal and restorative justice processes.
    • To allow victims of crime to reach their own decision about whether to participate in restorative justice and criminal justice processes.
    • To improve the experience of victims of crime and their families in the criminal justice process by increasing their knowledge around their rights and the safeguards they should be offered.

    This includes covering the following points during the training:

    • To understand the restorative justice process within the context of the Victims' Directive.
    • To understand what can help victims to feel safe if they choose to participate.
    • To understand what rights they have throughout the process.
    • Where to get help and how to assert their rights.

  • Duration

    The course video runs for 45 minutes but there is no limit on how long you can take to complete the course and you can pause and control the speed of the course as needed. Follow up inquires and support are also provided upon request:

    • 1 week post completion
    • 1 month post completion
    • 6 months post completion

  • Cost & Accessing the Course

    The course is FREE. The participant will not be expected to give any confidential information about themselves or any crimes they may have been a victim of. Any information that you do give will be used to further this and other training programmes.

    The course can be accessed via the link below. If you already have an IARS user account [FREE] please login first. If you do not have a user account please create one. Membership to the IARS website is FREE but we welcome donations in order to keep the website and its content open to everyone. IARS is a non-profit organisation.

    This course is aimed at victims of crime. For professionals working with victims, IARS offers a different online course specifically tailored to the needs of professionals that is also CPD accredited. You can access this course here.

    Access the free course

  • Who Should Complete This Course

    The course is suitable for victims of crime and their families, whether they have been considering restorative justice or not.