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<p class="rtejustify">Rachel is a Projects Coordinator at IARS responsible for the coordination and delivery of the justice stream. She has worked in the justice sector in Australia for the past 6 years before joining IARS.</p>

<p class="rtejustify">Originally from New Zealand, where she completed a Masters Degree in International Law and Politics at the University of Canterbury, she has spent the last 6 years undertaking research, policy and advocacy projects for the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services (NATSILS). During this time she&nbsp;completed projects in relation to numerous issues of access to justice faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as well as the effectiveness of the justice system overall.</p>

<p class="rtejustify">Rachel has a strong interest in many areas of the justice system including, restorative justice, racial inequality,&nbsp;the delivery of legal aid services, and&nbsp;reforming the justice system&nbsp;to better address the underlying casues of crime.</p>


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