Young Justice Champions Project

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A cutting edge public legal education project that equippeding young people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to deal with law related every day events.     


The project aimed to develop models of best practice for improving the legal capability of young people. The programme was influenced by a recent research project that IARS completed in partnership with PLEnet, Measuring the legal capability of young people (see library to download). The programme built on the research and sought to test the effectiveness of its conclusions and recommendations.

Project aims

IARS developed and delivered a training and skills development programme focusing on legal skills for young people. The youth led programme was delivered with a number of partners (PLEnet, Law Works, Law Centres Federation and young people from disadvantaged and marginalised backgrounds received this training and skills development programme throughout 2009-2011.


The training programme covered:

Project updates, publications and resources archive

What is "Public Legal Education"?

"Public legal education (PLE) equips people with the knowledge, skills and the confidence needed to successfully resolve problems encountered in day to day life. PLE focuses on the early stages of a problem and sets out to help people avoid law-related problems, act more quickly when problems do occur and deal with issues more effectively including knowing when and where to get expert help." (PLENET website)


IARS' New Film on Public Legal Education:

IARS releases a new film on young people's legal capability ahead of Director Dr. Theo Gavrielides' trip to Canada in October 2010, where he  highlighted IARS' experience of delivering public legal education activities to young people in the UK.

The film explores how young people see and deal with law related problems and how IARS' youth-led public legal education programmes help address the challenges they face.

For the full story covering this please click here. 

For the direct YouTube video link please click here


December 2010 Update:

A total of 12 young people took part in the training session: Active Young Citizens on the 11th December 2010. 

This module aims to promote a sense of belonging by exploring the concept of citizenship from the youth perspective through a set of reflective, team building exercises. The training programme also aims to give participants an understanding of the principles underpinning the UK constitution.

The group of young people took part in learning activities, group work, advocacy training as well as looking at the letter of the law itself. The day was full of lively discussion and feedback from the training was excellent. 


August 2010

The next cohort of young people to enroll in the Young Justice Champions Training Project are nearly ready to begin their training in September. A small number of places are still available. To find out more please e-mail


July 2010 update

IARS' YJCP will now be delivered by IARS' newly recruited Training and Accreditation Co-ordinataor, Alastair Martey. He will be moving ahead with training a second cohort of young people in August/September. The training programme will focus on: citizenship, police powers, employment law and housing law, all specially designed to be delivered to young people aged 16-25.

To refer young people to get involved with the training programme please contact Alastair for more details


June 2010 update:

The YJCP training programme has had its first pilot with 8 young people aged 16-22. IARS is currently looking for more young people aged 16-25 to take part in the pilot of this training programme.


February 2010 Update:

On the 26th February IARS will train 12-15 young people in Police Powers. 

This module aims to develop young people’s knowledge, skills and attitudes so that they have a better understanding of the criminal justice system and are better equipped to handle and make sense of encounters with the police.

Places are still available on this modular one day training for young people aged 16-25. For more informationclick here.