IARS has a history of delivering high quality training packages to organisations who work with young people. We have enabled them to work more effectively with young people through research methods training for professionals, as well as having the expertise to deliver training to large groups of young people themselves. 

IARS has supported several organisations including public services, third sector organisations and policy bodies with introducing a youth-led element into their way of thinking, research and policy work. 

IARS'  Training Programmes consist of the following modules and can be tailored to an organisations' needs. Click on each link to learn in detail about each module.

  • Active Young Citizens: training young people how to become more active in their communities.

  • Employment Law Training: empowering young people to understand the civil justice system and develop skills, attitudes and knowledge around employment law.

  • Police Powers: Making sense of and understanding interactions with the police, and development of skills and attitudes to foster better relations with the police.

  • Housing Rights: Understanding the law, leasing contracts and developing skills to better handle acquiring local authority housing or settling landlord/tenant disputes.

  • Human Rights: developing an understanding of the Human Rights Act 1998 and how to apply the principles in every day life.

  • Research Methods: For young people or professionals who work with young people. This module develops knowledge around research theory and practical application.

IARS' charitable services are heavily subsidised and tailored to each organisation's needs.

Past Clients:

Youth Access:

Youth-led research and working with young people (1 day package)

IARS delivered a 1 day training programme to professionals who work with young people. The programme covered research methods theory and it's practical applications when working with young people either as the subjects of research or as young researchers on a youth-led project. The quotes below are from the delegates who attended.

"I am better able to think about what to explore and achieve at a policy level before conducting research, and to ensure that young people's view are fully explored and taken into account."

"This course has provided me with a better understanding of how to engage young people in focus groups and has made me start thinking about initiating a young person led project."

The Young Foundation:

Youth-led research methods (4 day package)

IARS delivered a 4 day research methods training package to young people aged 13-19 who were engaged in the Youth of Today project. The training was closely tailored to the Young Foundation's needs and the quotes below are from Young Foundation staff who observed the training days.

"Very good pacing and nicely balanced between being challenging and being accessible. The trainers instilled a lot of knowledge to all who attended.”

"The practice interviews sessions were well organised and planned out; it was communicated well."

TheLondon Serious Youth Violence Board:

Research methods and Police Powers training and ongoing support (project package)

IARS have delivered a mixture of training modules to the young people recruited to work with the Serious Youth Violence Board. Training has included research methods, as well as Police Powers training. Young people aged 15-25 were engaged in this project. The quote below is from the LSYVB on the results of the training and the project.

"This was extremely useful to me as a methodology for applying to specific areas, and the findings from the youth-led research that has resulted is excellent. I congratulate the IARS team on the work done."

British Council:

Youth-led research methods and working with young people

(4 day package with ongoing support)

British Council set up a youth-led research network in the Middle East across 14 countries. IARS delivered a bespoke research methods training course  to over 50 young people and professionals to facilitate this process. The trainings were held in Cairo and Beirut over a 1 year period.

"IARS provided an excellent training programme for just what we needed. They were adaptable to working with us in the Middle East and the training was of an excellent quality."

If you would like to hear more on how IARS can help your organisation through our training programmes, then contact Dr. Theo Gavrielides, IARS Director T.Gavrielides@iars.org.uk