Southwark Youth Now (SYN)

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  • About the Project

    SYN addresses the following Southwark Youth Service Priorities:

    Improve the quality, suitability and range of activities for young people and children and offer them recorded and accredited outcomes.

    Engage more young people in education employment or training and support young people succeed as young adults.

    Improve young people’s life chances and reduce anti-social behaviour and youth offending and teen conceptions.

  • Project Background

    The SYN project derives its name from IARS’ successful 5 year London Youth Now (LYN) project and emulates the proven and youth-evaluated project structure but with outputs tailored to the Southwark demographic in order to address the specific needs of the young people in Southwark. IARS will provide young people in Southwark with Volunteering opportunities, High Quality Internships and Accredited Training and Workshops. Because of SYN, young people in Southwark will:

    • Feel empowered, self-confident with personal goals and aspirations that will further increase their willingness to continue in formal education or pursue further training/employment preventing them from the risk of becoming NEET’s.
    • Acquired a set of soft skills including communications skills, public speaking, presentation and team work skills that will improve their educational performance in short term and their employability in the long term. The output of the activities will be certified so it will add to their employability.
    • Improved their understanding and knowledge about their rights as citizens at local and national level and their relationship/engagement with local authorities and public and other local bodies eg. Police, Housing Associations etc.
    • Improved their awareness about the work of Southwark Council and the services that are available to them and their families depending on their needs and requirements.
    • Present increased engagement with the services of the Council and willingness to explore more services and/or participate in local institutions such as becoming members of the Southwark Youth Council.

  • Project Updates

    Southwark Youth Now is now recruiting a team of creative young people  that will work towards the development of the 99% Campaign Magazine. If you are interested in joining please follow this link for more information 


  • Get Involved

    If you are aged 13 – 19 and Live in Southwark and would like to get involved with the project –please contact Emily at 

  • How it fulfils our Mission

    In 2015, The IARS International Institute, with funding from the Southwark Council Youth Service, will deliver the SYN project under the Southwark Youth Service Commissioning Programme, 2015 -2017. During this period IARS will have worked with 356 young residents in Southwark, who are identified as vulnerable and marginalised communities and are more likely to be socially disengaged, through community-based, alternative educational and volunteering opportunities. Marginalised youth in Southwark will be empowered to become future leaders in their communities, while diverting them from harm and enhancing their employability and civic engagement, through community-based, alternative educational and volunteering opportunities. SYN will target vulnerable and marginalised young people, who are more likely to be disengaged, by placing them in activities specifically designed to provide them with the right opportunities so that they themselves will feel a real sense of personal development, and begin to tear down the barriers that they might face. SYN will place Southwark young people at the core of IARS’ work, which is on local, regional, national and international levels, meaning that Southwark youth will be allowed to think about issues and experience what goes on beyond their locality and thus be exposed to the activities that IARS as a leading international think-tank can engage them in, across all levels.