Rights & Restoration within youth justice

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Rights and Restoration within Youth Justice is an edited, peer-reviewed Volume of original papers written by leading scholars in the fields of restorative justice, human rights, youth justice and policy and criminal justice.

The book is edited by Dr. Theo Gavrielides and will be published by de sitter Publications, Canada in February 2012. The project is carried out under the auspices of Independent Academic Research Studies (IARS), the ICCCR at Open University and the CCJRD at Mount Royal University.

The increasing number of young prisoners internationally, the high rates of reoffending and the rising costs of incapacitation as a policy and a philosophy for crime control are some of the factors that populists quote in their search for more attractive solutions. The legal principles and values underpinning human rights and restorative justice are being explored for youth justice at the individual and inter-community level. However, if there is to be proper engagement between human rights and restorative justice, clarity must be achieved on how they are conceptualised and contextualised in modern society.

A peer review panel has been set up to support the submission process. Prof. Winterdyk is acting as the Chair. Prof. van Ness has agreed to write the introduction and take part in the peer review process. Prof. Braithwaite has agreed to write the Preface and Prof. Newburn will be writing the Afterword. The Table of Contents can be downloaded from here


"Restorative Justice is an ethos with practical goals, among which is to restore harm by including affected parties in a (direct or indirect) encounter and a process of understanding through voluntary and honest dialogue.

Restorative justice adopts a fresh approach to conflicts and their control, retaining at the same time certain rehabilitative goals" (Gavrielides 2007)


The key objective of the book is to bring together the disciplines of human rights and restorative justice as these have been used, or could be used, for youth justice. Through an international, comparative and multi-disciplinary manner, the book aims to push the barriers for both restorative justice and human rights opening up the political and policy debate on penal reform for youth justice.

Audience: Senior-level capstone courses and upper-level seminars that review and expand on key areas of study in law, human rights, criminal justice, criminology and political science departments. The book is also intended for researchers, policymakers, practitioners and campaigners.


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For more information contact the Editor, Dr. Theo Gavrielides, Director IARS, T.Gavrielides@iars.org.uk Unit 3b, Park Place, 10-12 Lawn Lane, London SW8 1UD, UK.

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