Restorative Justice and domestic violence: A critical review (E-book)

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Restorative Justice and domestic violence: A critical review (E-book)


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T. Gavrielides, A.Ntziadima, and G. Loseby
IARS International Institute
Date published: 

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This e-book reports on the current developments, practices and policies on the use of restorative justice in cases of domestic violence in the UK and it aims to stimulate an open and honest discussion about using restorative justice in such cases. The research also reflects on limitations, inefficiencies and complexities of the current criminal justice system in the UK.

Table of Contents              

Introduction       Problem statement           Our Methodology             

Definitional Agreements                  Restorative Justice            Victim   Violence Against Women              

Domestic Violence           

Domestic Violence in the UK         The general picture           Provisions under civil law               Domestic violence and key criminal justice agencies          The role of the Police              The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)       

Specialist Domestic Violence Courts (SDVCs)         

Other support bodies and schemes for victims of domestic abuse                 

Restorative Justice in the UK         An overview         Key players           Training and restorative justice standards                Financing restorative justice        

Restorative Justice and Domestic Violence              Academic and political commentary         New data: a new direction?           Redefining Restorative Justice- Restorative justice Vs restorative justice process Understanding domestic violence               On-going support services, rehabilitation and dialogue Reintergrative shaming and healing       

Concluding Thoughts