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Marcus Tsagas

Marcus Tsagas

Project Associate

Mark is studying for a Ph.D. at the University of East London where he is studying cybercrime and the application of restorative justice.  His background is in law with an LPC from University of Law and LLB Law from the University of Westminster.  Mark was a member of the University of Westminster law society. 

Mark takes great pride in a job well done and strives to achieve perfection in any field of interest and employment, both past and present.  With the experience he obtained through working in various facets of the Legal profession, his aim is to contribute to the realisation of a fairer system of justice, both in the United Kingdom as well as internationally.

The research he is conducting for his Ph.D. thesis, aims to do just that. As it progresses, he will continue to shed light on the ever-changing resource that is the internet and as a result even potentially assist the future legislative body in the arduous task of producing effective legislation.