Maija Linnala

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Maija Linnala

Maija Linnala

User Engagement Leader & Project Manager

Maija Linnala is The IARS International Institute’s User Engagement Leader and Project Manager. She works to ensure that IARS remains true to its user-led mission. She currently leads on the development, delivery, monitoring, and appraisal of all IARS’ User Groups. She also leads on the management and delivery of local, national, and international projects and carries out qualitative and quantitative research and evaluations. In addition, Maija line manages a number of IARS’ volunteers and interns.

Maija has a wide range of experience in the field of public policy and working in the third sector. She has a particular interest in restorative justice and in evidence-based research and policymaking in the UK. Before joining IARS, Maija was working as a policy research assistant for her local MP and she gained experience in the areas of international affairs, economy, health and social care, education, environment, and rights and equalities. She has also worked in a multicultural centre supporting cultural identities and promoting integration. She is currently conducting user- and victim-led research. At IARS Maija wishes to contribute to the transparent debate on the rightful treatment of disadvantaged individuals in the field of human rights and policy.

Maija holds a BA degree in International Migration and Ethnic Relations by Malmö University, Sweden, and a MA degree in Public Policy and Practice by the University of Greenwich, UK. She is a native Finnish speaker and is fluent in both English and Swedish.