Dr. Theo Gavrielides will be presenting at the European Society of Criminology annual conference in Liege (8- 11 Sept) the ongoing findings of the research programme on restorative justice with serious cases and post sentencing. He will also chair the restorative justice panel session.

The presentations will focus on Gavrielides' forthcoming publication "Rights and Restoration within youth justice" an edited volume of 18 chapters written by leading academics from around the world and due to be published in 2012 by de Sitter Publications (Canada). Findings will include the recent work on restorative justice with domestic violence cases and the application of mediation in prison settings.

Restorative justice is again gathering momentum both in the UK and Europe, and it is expected that this will interest will continue over the years. Click here for the full programme. For more information contact Dr. Theo Gavrielides or visit the conference website