IARS has submitted a consultation response to Directorate General (DG) Justice of the European Commission regarding its future funding priorities.

Our response marks our move into a new phase of policy activity at an EU level having recently been awarded funding from the European Commission for the Youth in Action Programme.

Drawing on our research and experience in the areas of youth justice, public legal education and citizenship activities we have highlighted the importance of continuing funding into the areas of fundamental rights and human rights education and the need to increase funding for EU citizenship. 

In our response, we specifically flag the importance of directing funding towards the provisions of human rights education for young people living in the European Union. By drawing on our research into the consequences of young people missing out on such education we have highlighted the significant need for such activities to receive EU funding. Our response also aims to raise the profile of youth-led policy development and the youth-led approach in general at an EU level.

A copy of IARS' consultation response can be accessed from our online library and by clicking here.