IARS' vinvolved Youth Empowerment Project has successfully completed all evaluation stages, and achieved full REACH accreditation for "youth involvement". The award certifies that IARS is offering high quality opportunities for young people and provides a safe and positive environment for their development.

REACH is a self assessment, quality practice framework designed by the Youth Action Network for organisations that work with young people. The Youth Action Network is a national organisation with unique experience and expertise in the youth action approach to volunteering. They promote nine principles of youth action and offer specialist support to organisations who support youth led volunteering. It complements existing quality assurance systems such as PQASSO, Hear By Right, Investing In Volunteers and Volunteer Centre Standards.

The tool-kit takes assessed organisations through 12 sections: Mission and Aims, Accessibility, Induction and Progression, Rights and Responsibilities, Safety, Diverse Action, Support, Youth Participation, Reflection and Learning, Networking and Partnerships, Recognition and Community Benefit.