Caroline Walsh

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Caroline Walsh

Caroline Walsh

IARS Associate


Caroline is a Restorative Justice Facilitator; Conflict Coach; mediator; para-academic. Her research interests include barriers to participation (personal and political); the use of restorative justice approaches and theories, in a wider context, to particularly understand political disenfranchisement and disempowerment. Caroline's latest ongoing piece of research focuses on: i) WWI and social solidarity and the gift, ii) whether what we can learn from the WW1 case study can be used as a tool or symbol to 'restore' relations between the electorate and politicians in the UK. 

Caroline is also interested in how restorative approaches can be used to develop community structure, strengthen cohesion and relationships. She has also previously researched issues relating to power, empowerment and participation in relation to disability; tourism and volunteering activities. For the last decade, she has taught in Higher Education.