Victims' Voices in Restorative Justice

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  • About the Project

    The IARS International Institute, in partnership with Khulisa, has launched a new programme titled “Victims’ Voices in Restorative Justice” with an aim of giving direct voice to victims and their families. Another key objective of this programme is to increase awareness of safe provision of restorative justice as per the standards and safeguards enshrined in the Victims’ Directive 2012/29/EU  due to be implemented in all member states by November 2015.

    By combining resources from the UK Ministry of Justice, Monument Trust and the European Commission, the project will deliver:

    1. A victim-led awareness campaign (online, face to face, in print, TV, radio, videos).

    2. Face-to-face training and awareness raising seminars to victims, their families and professionals working within the criminal and restorative justice fields

    3. Online training and awareness raising e-course for victims and their families as well as CPD accredited e-courses for professionals and justice service providers.

    The programme aims to build knowledge of restorative justice with those who will become the future users and providers of a range of restorative justice practices as detailed in: the Crime and Courts Act 2013 (which amends the Powers of Criminal Courts Sentencing Act 2000), Out of Court Disposal Consultation 2014, various victim service proposals from Police and Crime Commissioners and the Ministry of Justice’s RJ Action Plan for the criminal justice system. We are also keen to support lead stakeholders in the CJS; Prosecutors, Magistrates, court and tribunal professionals, Police & Crime Commissioners and the new Community Rehabilitation Companies.

  • Project Background
    The programme builds on IARS' EU funded project "Restorative Justice in Europe: Safeguarding Victims and Empowering Professionals",  as well as new research that has emerged on domestic violence.  The research findings of these programmes have been published in Gavrielides, T. (2014), A victim-led criminal justice system: Addressing the paradox, London: IARS Publications. ISBN 978-1-907641-27-5 and Gavrielides T, Loseby G.,Ntziadima A. (2014), Restorative Justice and Domestic Violence: A Critical Review, London: IARS Publications. ISBN:  978-1-907641-28-2. We will also be drawing expertise from Khulisa's work with offenders and  victims.

  • Project Updates
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  • Get Involved

    For victims and their families - Share your experience

    We are keen to hear from victims and their families especially those who have direct experience of restorative justice (e.g. direct or indirect mediation, conferencing, panels and circles). Here are only few of the ways that you can get involved:


    • Undertake our online  free online course “Asserting your rights through the new EC Directive that is freely available here

    • Write a blog for us sharing your experiences with restorative justice.

    • Express your interest in getting involved in future media opportunities (radio talks, interviews etc.).

    To express your interest in getting involved or in expressing your interest in joining one of our free face to face training programmes please contact  Andriana at

    For organisations and professionals

  • How it fulfils our Mission
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Victims Voices in Restorative Justice