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The IARS accredited training programmes

The IARS International Institute has a long history of delivering high quality face to face training packages and eCourses (online training) to individuals and organisations. 

Over the last 15 years, we have supported several organisations including public services, civil society and policy bodies with specialist training in research, citizenship, justice, equalities  and young people. We have also helped them introduce a user-led element into their way of thinking, research and policy work.

The IARS International Institute is a CPD training provider and all our courses and events are accredited with CPD points. Our  training sessions have been developed and are based on extensive user -led research and where young people are involved they also received the EU's YouthPass certification.

Some of our trainings are provided for free when they form part of a funded project. Please keep an eye our website and members' newsletters for when they become available.

All our existing training programmes can be tailored to serve individual needs. All our members receive a special discount of 20% to all our online and face to face CPD courses along with other benefits such as discounted,  priority booking to our events and discounts on our publications. To find out more about our  membership scheme and apply please click here or contact us at

To discuss your training needs and for a bespoke quote and tailored programme email Dr. Theo Gavrielides,