The changing role of Muslim women’s participation in sporting events: 1948 to the present day

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  • About the Project

    Our youth-led heritage project, was funded by Young Roots of Heritage Lottery Fund, and set out to empower young women (aged 16+) to explore and preserve the hidden history of the changing role of Muslim women’s participation in sporting events in the UK since 1948 to the present day. The project used a mix of archive research and oral history interviews with different generations of Muslim women. It charted the changes in society and also provided a platform for the hidden voices of Muslim girls and women in the UK. The project's historical findings were presented as a youth-led short film comprised of archive images with voice over narratives from the project's young Muslim women and extracts from interviews. The main exhibition space for the film was at The Women’s Library (based of London Metropolitan University) which houses the most extensive collection of women's history in the UK.

    In the project a group of young Muslim Women aged 16-25 were recruited (July 2011) to document Muslim women’s participation in sport from 1948 to the present day and preserve the current views of Muslim girls and young women towards sport. These volunteers received training from both IARS and the London Metropolitan University.  Over a number of months volunteers on this project conducted numerous interviews with Muslim women living in London about their participation in sport and undertaken archival research at The Women’s Library in East London. Our group of volunteers have now completed the archive research and oral history interview filming. Three days of editing took place in February 2012, and the film was screened in May 2012. Click through to watch:



    A training resource is available by clicking here which discusses the project and its findings.

  • How this project meets our mission


    Through a youth-led methodology, to explore, document and preserve the heritage of the UK’s Muslim women’s participation in sporting events covering the period of 1948 – today.

    • Skill-up and provide an opportunity to young women, including young Muslim women to lead on the project, and learn, reflect and document their 60 years history in sports

    • To ensure that amidst the sporting achievements of the Games that history and culture of one of the UK’s minority groups is not forgotten but documented, disseminated and celebrated

    • Create bonds between different generations of Muslim women and encourage the exchange of ideas, historical facts, cultural historical facts and historical challenges