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International Women's Day Reflections

For many of us who devote our lives working to promote gender equality, the 8 March has become a day to not only celebrate achievements and continue the struggles for women’s rights, but it is also the perfect time of the year to look back and reflect on everything we have done and learned so far.

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Join the #EndZeroRiskVictims Campaign

In the lead up to the International Women’s Day, as part of the Gender and Justice Empowerment Project, together with the Refugee Women’s Advisory Board, we are launching the #EndZeroRiskVictims Hashtag Campaign to demand that migrant and refugee women have full access to support, justice and protection. The digital campaign starts TODAY and goes until the International Women's Day.

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Over the past weeks, LGBT history month has been celebrated across communities around the country, and we are now well into it. Given the scope of our work, we are also proud to be celebrating this month at IARS, alongside many people who are also dedicated to and contribute towards making sure that EVERYBODIES basic needs and human rights are upheld. This also includes their free choice of identity, dignity and respect.

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What Young Southwark Want

On Tuesday 13th of February, the IARS Youth Board held an event on "What Young Southwark Want" which I also attended to represent the Equalities projects team. We were joined by young people between the ages of 16-25, as well as five local councilors, to give young people an opportunity to have their say on what is important for them this election season.

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At IARS, we are very excited to announce that we will be partnering with Lon-Art (http://lon-art.org/) for their 3rd Social Exhibition Sheroes!

Through our partnership, Lon-art will be delivering a ceramic workshop to IARS group of refugee and migrant women, who make up the Women’s Advisory Board at IARS. Their work from the workshop will then be featured in the Sheroes exhibition from the 8-11 of March as part of our collaboration.

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Victims' Rights Training BY and FOR Migrant and Refugee Women

Following the start of the New Year, the Women’s Advisory Board at IARS will be delivering its fourth interactive workshop for migrant and refugee women who want a better understanding of their rights under the EU Victims Directive, on the 22nd of February 2018.

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IARS joins Step Up Migrant Women UK Campaign

As part of our Gender and Justice Empowerment Project, the IARS has just joined the UK chapter of the European Campaign Step Up Migrant Women. In our effort to safeguard and advocate for the rights of migrant and refugee women, it is imperative that we join our forces with other fierce organizations and groups to have our demands met.

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End of Year Reflections from our Equalities Projects Intern

As the year comes to wrap, it is a good opportunity to reflect on our work and achievements at IARS. Some of our main accomplishments are our Move On Roundtable, Women’s Advisory Board Victims’ Rights Trainings, and the Epsilon Project.

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Empowering migrant and refugee women to claim their rights under the EU Victims Directive

On the 12th of December 2017, the IARS International Institute in coordination with the IARS Women’s Advisory Board run the second free training workshop entitled “Empowering migrant and refugee women to claim their rights under the EU Victims Directive”.

The three hours interactive training workshop took place at Canada Water´s Library and was successfully delivered to a group of refugee, asylum-seeking, migrant and professional women within the framework of the 3-year Comic Relief funded "Gender and Justice Empowerment" project.

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EpsiLon training week in Athens

The IARS team recently took a trip to Athens for our Epsilon training week, this was a great success. Coming together with all four of our project partners, CARDET in Cyprus, KMOP in Greece, Movisie in Netherlands and Anziani e non-solo in Italy, proved to produce positive impacts for the training material we are striving to deliver. We were able to develop the hard work we had made in our respective organisations, through scrutinising and sharing positive practices with one another.

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