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Huge thank you and goodbye to Chioma!

Last week, Chioma Wuche, finished her internship as the Equalities Projects Intern. Here is what Chioma has to say about her time interning for IARS:

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Abused No More Training Week: My experiences in Warsaw

The 6 day training event in Poland was hosted by the Association for Legal intervention in Warsaw Poland. The main aims of the event were to:

-          Raise awareness of the particular needs of marginalised young people but also bring to light the realities of the marginalisation they face.

-          Develop new skills of working with young people.

-          Provide useful methods and tools that can be applied to our organisations target groups.

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Celebrating Pride - EpsiLon Newsletter

Last weekend it was London Pride! It was an opportunity to celebrate with pride the lives of LGBTIQA+ people and remind us that we still have a long way to go in ensuring that people's differences of any kind are respected and celebrated instead of used as a base for discrimination. This is even truer when it comes to LGBTIQA+ migrants and refugees who not only suffer discrimination based on their sexual and gender identity but are often the target of xenophobic and racist discrimination and violence! 

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An Art Therapy Day for Refugee Women

It is well established that refugee and asylum-seeking women are confronted with a multitude of difficulties when attempting to seek settlement in the host country. They often face the effects of poverty, dependence, and a lack of social support that not only undermines their physical health but also their mental health.

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Government to adopt new measures to ratify the Istanbul Convention

This week, the government has pledged to adopt new measures to protect women and girls from crimes committed overseas as part of a Domestic Violence Bill.

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The IARS International Institute vehemently condemns yesterday’s Finsbury Park terrorist attack on innocent people, an attack to the core democratic and diversity principles of our society. Our hearts and solidarity go out to the friends and families of those affected as well as to the whole Muslim community.

This was a heartless attack on Muslim communities who have now for long been targeted by islamophobia and violent hate crimes as a result of being unfairly scapegoated and associated with terrorism.

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Celebrating World Refugee Day

Today, on the 20th of June 2017 marks this years’ World Refugee Day, and the IARS would like to invite you to celebrate the resilience and courage of refugees during this week. The refugee week is about recognising refugees’ contribution to our communities and within the UK as a whole. Here at IARS we are committed to empowering refugees through making their voices heard and raising awareness for the protection and safe guarding of their rights.

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Hate Crime: Cause & Effect

Last Monday I had the opportunity to attend to an event on “Hate Crime: Cause & Effect”, organized by the Equality and Diversity Forum & the University of Sussex, School of Law, Politics & Sociology. The event was very interesting and very timely, especially given the peaks of hate crime following the two recent attacks in London.

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The Race Equality Manifesto

This last Monday 5th of June a collection of 20 BME organisations launched the Race Equality Manifesto. The manifesto asks for the voices of Black and Minority Ethnic groups to be heard in today’s snap general elections as its outcomes will inevitably profoundly impact on BME and migrant communities.

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The IARS Women’s Advisory Board Manifesto for the UK Ratification of the Istanbul Convention

The IARS’s Women’s Advisory Board, a group formed by 10 Refugee and Asylum Seeking women participants of the Comic Relief funded Gender and Justice Empowerment Project, would like to draw your attention to our Manifesto for the UK ratification of the Istanbul Convention. The rationale behind this manifesto is to welcome a recent UK law to ratify the Istanbul Convention, and to bring attention to its nondiscriminatory in relation to migrant and refugee women.

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