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Contribute to improving Victim Outcomes Review

IARS is pleased to share this online survey, which forms a part of the Victim Outcomes Review. The aim of the survey is to contribute to reviewing London’s victim support services and their compliance with the Code of Practice for Victims of Crime.

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Me, Myself & IARS

Written by IARS Justice Intern, Faris Wong. As a student, who is majoring in Sociology and Economics in university, my interest has always been in doing research and in policy making.

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What can be done about the rising number of knife crimes committed across London?

Written by IARS Justice Intern, Faris Wong

At the surface, mainstream media seems to report these knife crimes as random acts of violence, in which the victims just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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Mayor of London's Strategy for Social Integration

The new strategy – launched yesterday – describes how the Mayor of London and City Hall will work with social integration experts, London’s communities and civil society to help improve social integration.

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Restoration: an alternative solution to exclusion

The cyclical relationship between crime and social exclusion presents a complex issue to tackle. When approached with the sole purpose of lowering crime rates and not integrating offenders back into the society, it may result in an outcome contradictory to what was intended.

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