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Teaser: Young Carers Report

On Monday 23rd April we will launch and discuss the findings of our year long project "Young Carers Matter", at our FREE CPD Accredited conference. 

In anticipation of that, this post acts as a teaser to some of the interesting discussions we expect to have on the day, where we will present our report detailing our experiences. 

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Young Carers Matter Conference: 23 April

The IARS International Institute is pleased to announce it's Spring, CPD accredited conference titled "Young Carers Matter: The Voices of young people".

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Entrepreneur Heroes

Millennials, and those born since, are faced with challenge upon challenge upon challenge to fix things that were broken long before their time. 

Every time I look at the news all I see is man-made destruction of our planet. I'm no eco warrior but it's pretty difficult to deny that we may have done some serious, and permanent damage, to our world. With pollution levels rising, changing weather, food shortages and more rubbish than can be contained, it's overwhelming. It's easy to think: what could I possibly do?

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EYEE (Ethics and Young Entrepreneurs in Europe)

Late last year we kicked off another exciting youth project - EYEE (Ethics and Young Entrepreneurs in Europe) - and now things are about to get really interesting!

As part of the project, we will be introducing a new arm to our Youth Advisory Board. Each of the nine partners involved across Europe will identify young people who feed directly into our monitoring and evaluation of the project. These young people will submit written feedback and meet online over the course of the project to ensure that we keep our youth-led approach. 

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Young Carers Conference

This week new research suggests that many young Londoners are struggling to secure employment in what is a torrid economic climate. 

According to the research young Londoners typically aged 18-25, are often "hidden"; not engaged in employment, education or training and not receiving any welfare benefits. These group represents a huge 480,000 young people. This is not only detrimental to their individaul wellbeing and potential future prospects, but also costs £440m in the loss of revenue that could be coming in to the economy through income tax/national insurance contributions.

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Youth unemployment and precarious futures

Written by IARS Youth Intern, Elise Ulvang

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Time to Listen: Knife Crime in London

It seems discouraging to start the New Year with discussions of the same issues we faced at the end of the last; but as the celebrations fade and January becomes well and truly established, it’s time to start talking again.

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Upcoming Event: Young People, Early School Leavers and Enterprise

IARS is looking for youth professionals to join us for a focus group on "Young People, Early School Leavers and Enterprise", on 24th January 2018 from 6pm - 8pm at Canada Water Library.

Please see the flyer attached to this post - we hope to see you there! https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/young-people-early-school-leavers-and-ent...

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Contribute to our research on Youth Radicalisation

With Christmas just around the corner we know that you are all busy tying up the loose ends and work and desperately trying to remember who's present you have forgotten to buy. So we will keep this short and sweet. 

If you are a policy maker, work with young people, have expertise in youth radicalisation or extremism, or are a young person; we want to hear from you. 

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POTUS, Social Media & Extremism

This morning, yet again, the political and personal discussion of the day continues to be plastered all over social media; in an unprecedented POTUS style, Donald Trump has attacked Theresa May on Twitter after she condemned his sharing of far-right propaganda videos. Most national newspapers have picked up the tweets from the United States President and speculated over how the Prime Minister, Theresa May, will respond.

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