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Stop and Search: A Guide for Parents and Children, plus short film

Stop and Watch has a sound advice.

Are you a parent or carer concerned and unsure how to support children who are stop and searched by the police?

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Restorative Justice Council announces RJ guide for Prison Governors

The Restorative Justice Council has announced the publication of a guide for prison governors on delivering restorative justice.

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The new Coordinator responsible for Justice Projects

Hey, I am Bruno the new Projects Coordinator at IARS responsible for the coordination and delivery of the justice stream, through a number of nationally and internationally focused projects. I am originally from an impoverished neighbourhood in Recife, Brazil. My passion for social justice, equity and democracy have gained the attention of the regional and national media via my research. I have an M.A. in Community Psychology where I have used Participatory Action Research. Now, I am a Ph.D. student at the University of Brighton.  
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