99% Campaign

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The project has its own dedicated website  http://www.99percentcampaign.org/  

  • About the Project

    The 99% Campaign is a youth-led initiative and participation programme aiming to make society more inclusive, fair and responsive to young people’s views and realities. It achieves its mission by giving direct voice to the most marginalised young people and by dispelling negative stereotypes.

    To find out more please visit the project's  dedicated website http://www.99percentcampaign.org/  

  • Project Background

    Find out more about the history of the 99% Campaign here http://www.99percentcampaign.org/the-99-percent-campaign/ 

  • Project Updates
  • Get Involved
    If you are interested in getting involved or submit your contribution to the blog please contact contact@iars.org.uk

  • How it fulfils our Mission
    Co-designed with young people, the project gives them a voice, enabling them to take ownership over defining the root cause of these problems – and optimal future solutions. It will create a youth-led digital networking platform that will enable young people to continue researching, campaigning and advocating for change.



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